Power Save Me has developed an AI-based method for analyzing energy use that will increase
sustainability in society and save resources by reducing CO2 globally.
Energy costs, solar power, batteries and heating combined to efficiency never seen before.

Power Save Me has developed an AI -based analytics method that allows cost -effective monitoring of energy use for private homes corporate buildings and larger communities.

The company has solid experience and recognition in the industry, as well as a wide network of contacts, which is an important prerequisite for success. Energy saving is the core product of the company and is also where the name comes from.

The main goal was to create a product that made full use of new and old energy systems, enabling them to interact in the most efficient way.

We have developed the next generation of energy savings technology by combining artificial intelligence with analytics.

The Power Save Me solution simulates hundreds scenarios of the source’s energy curves. It filters them through Deep Learning AI algorithms and finds the most cost efficient combination of their use. Adding functionality to our technology is a fast process. Our solution is highly customizable and requires only a few samples to become attuned to the specific problem.

Today there is a great need for more effective energy solutions, as well as increased cost savings in every building globally.

We have a strong focus on CO2 savings.
Through cooperation between energy, solar and heating companies, we enable combability between all different heating solutions and solar power to be more efficient.

There is a global market for innovative and effective energy solutions that are also globally scalable. This is where we come in.

Our AI-based analytics method enables resource-efficient monitoring of energy systems buildings.


12 – Responsible consumption and production

Big Data helps making better decisions based on facts

11 Sustainable cities and communities

Cost, energy and CO2 savings via AI analytics

7 – Affordable and clean energy

Higher efficiency means lower costs


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